April 6

Why Would You Hire A Lead Generation Company?



John: Good afternoon, my name’s John Nieuwenburg, I’m with W5 Business Coaching and today we’re with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation and my question for you today Mark is, why would someone want to take on a lead generation company?

Mark: Well I think for most people, lead generation in small business certainly, is one of the most important things that they depend on. So if you’re not getting the kind of lead generation results that you need, you look for other opportunities. So for me when I talk to businesses about this kind of stuff, they typically have a target they want more leads and consistent leads every week, but then they have lots of implements that they want to use. The answer is Facebook ads, the answer is SEO, the answer is you name it, on and on. There’s many many many arrows that one can choose from to create more leads and a lead generation company will have the expertise to be able to use the right arrow and to help you develop out a funnel, a strategy that then becomes very evident which tool to use to drive those leads. And that’s ultimately why. You’re going to get efficiency, you’re going to get measurement, you’re going to get results and that’s why you hire a lead generation company.

John: What’s distinct about your version, your style of lead generation?

Mark: Well, I think we’ve always been very focused on content is a big part of what we create, just like we’re going right now and there’s specific kinds of content that work much much better and so because I’ve done this for 20 years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve made more mistakes than most people have and that means I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons and you don’t have to. And that’s one of the big reasons why you hire me.

John: Awesome. Thinking about some of your more recent successes with clients, give us a bit of a case study or story about helping a particular client.

Mark: Well, I might turn this around a little bit John, you’re a client and we’ve over the last while we’ve gotten you to number one for Business Coach in Vancouver and what kind of results has that produced for you?

John: Geez, I didn’t expect to get a turn the table here, but SEO optimizing my website has produced great results for me and my business. This last year has been the best year financially that I’ve had in business since starting in 2004, about half of the business I did last year was a result of an enquiry from my website. So what that means is, that someone I’ve never known before, wasn’t a referral, someone who went to the internet looking for a business coach. Did a search, some of them looked at more than one site, many of them looked at my site and that was their extent of their search and that means that I had to be at or near the top of the list or the first candidate that people selected to evaluate and decide whether or not to go ahead. So being at the top of the list makes a massive difference in the results that you get and I’m at the top of the list and I think largely thanks to the work that you’ve been doing for me.

Mark: So there it is. It’s not just that we got you ranking first, the website delivers, the conversion is there, I mean those are all the pieces, the arrows that one needs to be able to hit that target and it’s putting it all together. I mean, you did a great job with your website, your developers did a fantastic job I think, and it’s proving out.

John: Yeah, I’m a lot of great feedback. Thanks Mark. Lots of great feedback from clients and from near and far actually, some very significant, positive feedback from people.

Mark: So there you go.

John: So thanks Mark, thanks for your time today and if you’re looking for someone to help you figure out the levers and dials of your tactical marketing plan, let me recommend Mark Bossert at the number you see there or go toplocalrankings.com - ask for Mark.

Mark: Thanks John

John: Cheers


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