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John: Good morning, it’s John Nieuwenburg with W5 Business Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. Morning Mark.

Mark: Morning

John: So today, the question is when starting a lead generation plan, how do you create the plan?

Mark: So the plan, I think is the most, the kind of the core element of the basement of the structure if you like, the foundation. So it really comes down to answering some very important questions and the biggest one that I find for our customers after we dig in to who are their customers, what they look like, what are their information of, where are they getting leads from currently, is ok - What are your goals?; What do you want to grow your business to?; What are you doing now?; and What’s that difference? How many leads will it take per week to get you to that goal and that then determines the plan. It is also sculpted by the value of their customers. So if it’s a job or a business where they normally get, you know, say a $1000 dollars a year from a customer typically, then there’s one plan that we would use as compared to somebody’s who’s more like five to ten thousand dollars on a bigger one off kind of job, say like a roofing company or restoration company. That would be a different strategy that we would use and different tactics that we would actually build that. So that’s soft of the core questions that we ask.

To give more examples, say for a roofing company or restoration company, we would build a website for them, we basically manage the entire process from stem to stern. There are tracked phone numbers that are actually recorded calls that they and we at the end of each month can say, ok well you got 10 phone calls each week, 40 phone calls this month and we either charge per phone call or a one off monthly charge for that kind of service. And we can go through and listen to every one of those calls and see, were they valid, were they real leads and what kind of a job did the company’s people on the phone do in turning those into valid leads. And that’s an opportunity for more coaching if needed.

If it’s a smaller situation, then often, smaller in terms of the customers value is lower, so we’re talking about something like a fitness club, where it might be $30 a month for a year, so we’re talking $360 dollars, but the total lifetime customer value could be a lot more, a customer could stay a lot longer than one year. But at that $30 dollar level, building out an entire website to drive leads to them doesn’t really make ecomonic sense, so that’s where Facebook ads becomes really, really effective. And again, it matching that, their knowledge of their target market and a killer offer, you know - a week’s free training or etc. whatever the is proven is working for them or based on our experience doing this right across North America, what we know works and create an offer that drives leads to the operation and flood them with customers. We’ve had campaigns where we’ve had to shut them off after a couple days because it had 200-300 leads within 48 hours and they’re full and couldn’t handle anymore for the next few months. So it can be very, very effective. It just depends on again, how well they know their target market and how sweet the offer is.

John: Sure, so what you’re saying is client value has a relationship to what the client acquisition costs should be. In other words, what are you willing to spend to buy you next client?

Mark: Absolutely. That’s where you can, in any market the business that can efficiently bring customers in the door is going to win and the reason why they’re going to win at that efficiency level is because they’re able to spend more per client to get those clients in the door than the other guys. And as soon as you’ve got that, you’re going to dominate in your market and that means you have all the business you want. Whatever your growth goals are, whatever you can handle on that end, where you need a business coach to help you, you can drive that process because you’re efficient. And that’s really where our focus is, is making that process as efficient as possible to meet the customers goals.

John: Well that’s awesome. So today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation and if you’re looking to develop a new lead generation plan give Mark a call 778-385-0098 or go visit him at cheers

Mark: Thanks John


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