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What Does Top Local Lead Generation Do?

John: Good morning it’s John Nieuwenburg of W5 Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. We’ve been having an ongoing series about what lead generation is, what SEO is, what Mark does. So my question for you today Mark, is what is it exactly that you do? Maybe you can be a little more specific and clear than I just was and what is it about what you do that you’re unique at? What is your point of differentiation?

Mark: Thanks John. So you know what we do is help businesses get more leads with online advertising and with search ranking. That’s my elevator pitch. The difference that makes all the difference is that over the years we’ve developed a methodology, a plan and system that honestly happened by happenstance. It started with the need for search rankings to have content in order to optimize. You can’t optimize what isn’t there. So that’s where we started. What’s that has morphed into is that’s as true today as it was twenty years ago even, but what it’s morphed into that the clients of ours that are diligent, consistent about creating content on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, year after year become world acknowledged experts in their field and they stand out. It’s almost as though by showing up, they become an authorities, they become differentiated in their field, they’re recognized by search engines and by their clients and this becomes never-ending reliable flow of weekly leads for them, and that process is what we use now with all of our clients and thats what makes us different from your run of the mill SEO company that builds links and does spammy stuff and gets you in trouble.

John: Now you just said something that’s kind of interesting there. Why does it matter to search engines that you’re building content and what’s the different between the approach of building content versus what you just said about link building and spammy stuff?

Mark: Well, building content delivers value first, you’re going to say who you are, what makes you different like just we’re doing right now, and that enables people to understand, ok who am I dealing with - what’s this company like, what’s the owner like, what are the people that work at the company like, what do they believe in, what are their values, what makes them tick, is there a connection, does that sound like it’s in alignment with my business? If it is, then it’s probably a way better fit and it’s going to deliver a lot more results for your company than if you’re talking to somebody who’s completely different from you, believes completely different things, have different values. We believe in service, you know we want to make our customers as successful as we possibly can. We work diligently and unendingly to make that happen as much as we possibly can. It’s a two way street, it’s a partnership. We need our customers, who are their subject matter expert to produce content so we can promote the heck out of it, and search engines want that. The whole purpose of search is to provide people with answers to their questions. You go online, you do a search. It’s not because you got nothing to do anymore, it’s because you’ve got too much to do and you need an answer as fast as possible. And that’s why search engines love content. They want to know who this experts are and reward them with higher rankings because it provides value to the searcher.

John: You’ve been talking about content, what exactly does content, when you say content, what does that mean?

Mark: Well content would be just anything that you can produce. So that might be written, it might be video like we’re doing right now, could be social media postings, it could be curating other content that you find, something that you do a lot of John. Something, you know where you are providing value, unique takes, unique looks at another way of providing that answer that folks are look for How do I organize my time, you know all the things that you deal with when you’re coaching businesses becomes, how do I say that in as many ways until I find that way, that puzzle piece that fits that new person, that makes sense to them, that then moves things forward to the next level.

John: So if I understand correctly what you’re saying then is, that you want to become known as an expert, a leading authority in your field and the best way to do that is to produce content, produce and post content, as a result search engines present your site first when your the people in your niche are looking for answers in the matters where you’ve become the expert. That sound about right?

Mark: The covers it exactly. The follow on, and that’s where we started ultimately, but where it’s ended up is that, that happens but then you also get clients on a level that is completely different because you are now the authority, you’re the world recognized authority, as the expert in your little niche and that delivers. You don’t have to sell anything anymore. You just get clients who are already sold because you’ve already provided months and months and years eventually, of value that proves you just keep showing up and delivering what you need to deliver. Delivering that value that they want, and so they can go - well who am I going to get when I need this person, when I need this person to help me with lead generation, when I need this person to help me with business coaching or automotive service or whatever it is - who am I going to talk to? Well these guys cause they’ve done this for years.

John: Well, that’s awesome. Today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Rankings and if you’re looking for someone to help you with lead generation and you have a niche that you want to become known for perhaps give Mark a shout. Check out their website www.toplocalrankings.com or send him an email ma@toplocalrankings.com

Mark: Thanks John

John: Cheers