June 2


Hi, Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation

Recently we’ve been blogging about how to double your website leads this year.

This video provides details about the most effective content we’ve proven drives leads for our small business clients.

What is the most effective content?

Problem Solving Content.

For most clients the easiest content to create is based around the frequently asked questions they always get from their customers.

What are those frequently asked questions?? Make a list - get your team involved and brainstorm out a list of the 50 to 100 questions you get all the time. Then jot down the answers to those questions.

I often get push back from clients asking what good will that content be? Everyone knows that already… if they knew they would not ask… right?

FAQ answers solve …. the problems your customers are wanting to start to solve.

When you answer those questions online they start to feel that they can trust you. Here’s the big secret though.

Your customers search for these answers online! All the different ways that you can write out the question is what they will put into a search query. Title your content with the question and you will rank high for that question!

Why? Your competition is NOT doing this!

Video Content

Video has many advantages but for leads it ranks faster ranks easier, ranks in multiple search places like YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook.

…Compared to written content

Video with the transcript ranks 53 times better - most people are very hesitant about doing video and the best answer I can provide is just do it.


The easiest way to get started is to be interviewed on a Google Hangout. You can do it from your computer, the video is recorded and automatically put on YouTube, and with someone asking you questions it keeps you on track.

There are considerations.

Here’s our blog post on getting ready to do a hangout on air.


need good lighting; Need good sound, a fast computer and a fast internet connection.

The video can still end up grainy even with the best setup possible.

Your connection is busy with other traffic; You must use a wifi connection (rarely good); Google always compresses the video and that causes pixelation

Option 2

Shoot Video With Your Smartphone

You’ll need a tripod, good lighting, good sound and editing software

Here’s some resources to learn more

Wistia.com/library - There are many tips and recommendations - good content.

Lynda.com - use 10 day free trial to find what you like - thousands of training courses there

Paid resources -

Udemy.com - range of courses there about creating video from $47

Videomaker.com - for $20-80 you can get different levels of access to their video training library

Thank you for watching and we’ll see you soon.


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