June 21


John: Good morning, I’m John Nieuwenburg, I’m a business coach with W5 Coaching and this morning we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Rankings. Mark is an expert at generating leads for your business. Good morning Mark.

Mark: Hey John, how’re you doing?

John: I’m doing great. So today we wanted to discuss the idea of what is the power of RSS feeds and generating leads for you and your business.

Mark: So there’s many, many tools that we use, um my background as a Search Engine Optimizer, there’s many tools; there’s social media, there’s links, there’s all sorts of things but RRS feeds are something that are built into websites. If they’re built on a blog platform or you can generate your own RSS feeds actually and RSS means real simple syndication; it’s a way of syndicating or spreading your content across the internet and RSS feeds are like a superpower. I’m going to reveal a little bit of what we do but not the whole basket because some of its proprietary but the power of this, if you think about it, if you had a way of taking your content and making it available in many, many authoritative places where it would be picked up and shared more and even perhaps get that bit of viral content would that be of value, so that’s what we do with RSS feeds and some of the things that we can do is we create more authority for your RRS feed and your blog and your website by braiding those RSS feeds with other higher authoritative websites and also that are also on topic so if you talked about say, coaching we could go to government sites or university sites where they talk about coaching or training and coaching or how to become a coach or whatever it is but it’s on topic and actually braid those together with your feed about coaching so that your RSS feed, your articles have a lot more juice, they have a lot more authority and they rank higher, ranking almost always as certainly you can attest to John, ranking highly brings leads and that’s the power of RSS feeds for lead generation.

John: That’s awesome, so if you want to learn or take advantage of what Mark is talking about how to get your blog, your content, to get disseminated across the internet in a way that lends you credibility and builds your reputation and brand then you might want to give Mark a shout. You can do that at the phone number that you see there or go to his website at toplocalrankings.com. Thanks for talking with us today Mark.

Mark: Thanks John


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