June 7


John: Good morning, it’s John Nieuwenburg and I’m with W5 Business Coaching. This morning we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. Good morning Mark.

Mark: Morning John.

John: So today we wanted to talk about or at least respond to this question, when thinking about marketing why is it important to be consistent?

Mark: So, what we found in doing this for years now that it creates an expectancy or a reliance of your customers that you’re going to show up every week or every day that you’re going to show up so Monday we do these Mondays at 9:30 am. We’re there every Monday morning unless there’s a holiday doing these hangouts and that consistency creates an audience because people start to expect that, that you’re going to show up. Now a lot of times that, o.k. that’s simple straightforward, now what do I do? How do I actually create that audience, well how do I, what’s my message? Do I use an email blast? Do I create a newsletter? Do I send out a paper newsletter? Do I create videos? Do I, what do I do? How do I do this? Well I think it’s matched very specifically to your target market so for both of us these work really well. They’re time sensitive, they’re packed with information and value for our target markets and they’re easy to consume and video is probably the most effective way but say if you’re somebody like I just want to give some a couple examples, what if you’re a painter for instance so I’m just going to bear with me I’m going to do a bit of a screen share here, when I find my right screen, technical difficulties . .

John: No worries Mark, we’re with you

Mark: So we’re starting the screen share here, just let me know when you can see that John

John: Sure, there you go

Mark: So here’s a building under construction. You can see that they’re using a pretty standard for Vancouver right now, this kind of mild green I guess and the owners wanted something a little different so they are going to switch to a different process here and just another shot so this is the before picture so this is an exact way that a painter could show how they work. You can see the mess, you can see the job, here they’re masked it off, here’s what it looks like under construction or under the painting process, again another angle, this is actually the house next door and they’re doing two of them at once and then this is the finished product. You can see what it looks like at end is very different and then you can talk about your process, you can talk about your checklist of how you make sure the site is cleaned up every day, you know you’re not, you’re not leaving debris everywhere, you’re making sure that this, this site is clean and it’s fast and it’s done professionally but the interior looks like the same thing, you can show the before and after shots and isn’t this a beautiful thing. Well this is, this conveys very very powerfully to someone what exactly the value is of your business, what are you providing, what exactly is it and in a visual manner like this you can actually just do it in a hangout like this and do a screen share of it. You can see the video that would be a slideshow video and just have a voice track that talked under it and you can actually accomplish this in a very short period of time as long as you have the resource of taking some shots, even your crews out there could take the before’s, the during, the after shots so that you can tell that story every week and do different kinds of jobs you know, whether it’s residential, whether it’s interior, whether it’s you know commercial, exterior, interior again you have many stories to tell that are going to be very relatable to people because they’re going to always think that their, their situation is unique and different even though generally they’re pretty close to the same.

John: Yeah so what you’re describing is giving your prospect or your potential client a preview of what it’s like to work with you.

Mark: Absolutely

John: And prove the result, and proof then is the result that you’ll have more confidence and sort of earn the trust that it’s going to be o.k. to make a decision to go ahead.

Mark: Absolutely but it all hinges in my experience on being consistent, on showing up regularly, if you’re going to show up every day, then show up every day, if it’s 5 days a week, it’s every 5 days a week, it’s a long term play. You have to be a publisher today to be an effective marketer online, if you’re not you’re putting your business at risk in my opinion.

John: Yeah, it’s interesting, so once you set a pattern, uh that pattern becomes a marker of your trustworthiness and if you break that pattern so to then does the confidence that you’re going to you know, do what you say you’re going to do.

Mark: Absolutely.

John: I get that’s what you’re describing, that makes sense. We humans are pattern seeking animals.

Mark: Absolutely, we love that, we love, we like to be able to rely on someone, we want to find someone we can trust and rely on that’s why we do business with anyone is because we’ve grown to trust and rely on and so this is just a subtle way but a very, very important and powerful way to override everything that you’ve heard about marketing in a way because it said you know your USP suddenly become not all that important that you have one perfect one, you can have many, you can have thousands because you’ve got thousands of proofs, kinds of proof that show I, we do this, we do this, we do this, we do this, we do this, here’s the proof, here’s the proof, here’s the proof and now which one matches up with that person who shows up to consume your content,

John: Sure so if you could summarize all of this into a bumper sticker what would it be?

Mark: Pick a time each week and stick to it. Show up and do your thing, whatever the thing is isn’t as important as showing up in my experience and doing it every single week.

John: Awesome, well today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Mark does and how he can help you in your business achieve the results that you’re looking for give Mark a call. The numbers on the screen or you can reach him at his email at mark@toplocalrankings.com. Thanks Mark.

Mark: Thanks John.


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