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We recommend clients use three types stories… especially as they get started producing content.

Service of the Week

The first type and most possibly the easiest to make into a story is the “customer repair or service” of the day or week style story. This is a story where you simply relate what the problem was that the customer had, what was done to fix the problem and how they feel about that after-the-fact.

Telling Stories Works - What Kind of Stories?

Note that you can also actually celebrate an actual customer of the week, like Starbucks and many other businesses do. This is a unique reward for customer loyalty that is very effective.

We’ve adapted this story... from descriptions of a fashion designers “outfit of the week”; to auto service “repair of the week”; to jewellers with a “ring of the week” and many more. Every time you can tell the story of before, during and after your product or service was used to create value for one of your customers, it pays dividends for years.

Frequently asked Questions, Answers and a Story

The next type of story can produce a lot of content. It is simply answering the frequently asked questions that you get. You can brainstorm out at least 50-100 questions that you get all the time. The trick here is to actually reference a customer's experience and make the story relevant to what other customer’s will experience. It's basically a combination of answering the frequently asked question and the customer of the day style story.

Telling Stories Works - What Kind of Stories?

The distinction here is unlike most boring, dry as dirt FAQ pages, adding in the story of how a customer asking that sort of question benefitted, suddenly it’s value goes sky high. Folks will be able to see the benefit they can get for themselves. That’s gold!

Testimonials and Reviews

The third story type is testimonials or reviews. Getting a testimonial or review from a customer provides tremendous social proof of the value of your product or service. It's a little trickier because you must either interview them or have them deliver a written testimonial that you can turn into a story.

Telling Stories Works - What Kind of Stories?

The most effective way to produce customer testimonials is to do them in video form — this will provide the best return on investment.

On verye cost-effective way to get customer testimonials on video is to have a testimonial day, or customer appreciation event where you schedule a number of customers to come in and leave a testimonial. That way you can have the video equipment, lighting and sound all set up and reuse it over and over under a tight schedule.

There are many many other types of stories to generate interest and a following for your business. Here’s another example we’ve used a lot:

Local Area Landing Pages

Place exploring – What’s unique about your local area? What are your favourite areas? What are the resources available in your local area that would be of interest to your target market? Schools, museums, entertainment, and anything else the area is notable for?

Telling stories is mostly about written content or video. However, storytelling through images is really important and critical on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

We’ll continue talking about the types of stories you can tell in upcoming posts.

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