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How Many Leads Can I Get a Week?

John: Good Morning, it’s John Nieuwenburg with W5 Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation and in this series of questions we’re posing for Mark, we’re getting a little smarter about how Lead Generation works, so Mark in that vein, how many leads can I expect to get in a week?

Mark: Well that’s the, one of my most asked questions.

John: I can imagine.

Mark: And that the answer is, you know the lawyers answer of course is, it depends, and what it depends on is your budget, how well you know your target market and what is your offer; and so we help work with people on to craft, the offer and getting to know their target market if they don’t have that really well defined and of course then we can work within almost any budget. It has to be somewhat significant, I mean it can’t be you know, I have a dollar, that’s not going to work, how many leads will that get me, well it depends upon how many phone calls you can make, but if you’re looking for something where people are actually getting in touch with you, where you’re attracting people based on some value that you’re delivering then knowing your target market, having a great offer is the key to everything in marketing and then it’s just o.k. well once we get that crafted to a place where for every dollar you’re making two dollars or three dollars or more, then your budget can go up and that’s the wonderful place to be.

John: Yeah, if you have the answer to that question then you have an unlimited marketing budget, don’t you. If you know that one of your marketing dollars turns into three dollars of revenue then why wouldn’t you continue that? Mark what would be a suitable minimum threshold for a budget?

Mark: Well if we’re talking about Facebook, you know our Facebook campaigns we start at around $500 per month to manage the campaign and it goes up from there. Facebook advertising then which is paid to Facebook, your advertising costs are going to range from 300 I would suggest as a minimum to a, you know realistic kind of budget for most small businesses is going to be more like $600 a month so if you’re in the 1,100, 1,200 dollar a month range that’s a good starting place; of course once it’s tuned up and in place and converting well then it’s just a matter of o.k., how many more do you want; what’s your capacity, how fast can you grow to meet that capacity and how big is your target market. If you’re limited by geographic area and there are only 30,000 people there, your markets going to be limited fairly quickly compared to someone who’s dealing with you know, the world and 7 billion people, so.

John: So there’s a management fee involved plus a AD spend.

Mark: Correct.

John: And I think what I heard you say is about $1,000 a month is a good starting point.

Mark: That’s a good place to, that’s a good ball-park, to have in mind, I mean it goes up from there of course based on how difficult your target market is, how competitive it is, it will also go up based on how good your offer is. If you have a great offer it’s going to be easy, if you don’t have a great offer, if you’re not willing to discount for instance or you’re not willing to create a lot of value for somebody it’s just going to be really hard and honestly a lot of times we’ll just pass, we won’t, you know we want to make it successful for you and for your clients. You have to deliver value.

John: Hmmm, so how would the average business owner work out what return they would need in order to make a $1,000 a month AD spend make sense?

Mark: Well that goes back to our original question; how many leads do you need a week, I mean how many leads a week would make a difference to your business so if you know your simple information about what your profit per customer, what’s your total lifetime customer value you can figure out, o.k. well here’s how much I can afford to spend to get a customer in the door and then keep them as a customer because they’re going to repeat buy, hopefully.

John: Now, in your experience Mark, do your clients have that kind of data? Do they know what their average income per client or average profit per client? Do they have that data?

Mark: The best customers do the customers who are working with a business coach do.

John: Yeah.

Mark: Odds they often, they don’t have an idea about that. They’re just busy running their business as fast as they can every day, so . .

John: It’s my experience that once you get that data that actually makes the decision making much easier because it’s much easier to see that you’re not just kind of, you know, throwing money against the wall and hoping it sticks, they’re actually can make or can create the relationship between marketing spend or investment equals X return and that X is big enough to make the spend worthwhile.

Mark: Absolutely.

John: So would you help a client work that out?

Mark: Yeah, we help them as much as they’re willing to let us help them, you know we have processes in place where we talk about you know, what are your target market, what’s your offer, what, what’s your value, what do you need. The big question is always what’s, how many leads do you need a week, o.k. how do we figure that out. I don’t even know, well let’s back that up, let’s break that down a little bit.

John: Well, that’s awesome. Well today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation and if you’re thinking you need some more leads than you’re currently getting and want some help to, to figure out how to do that, either on Facebook as we did in the example today or on Google or on Search Engines give Mark a call at 778-385-0098. Thanks Mark.

Mark: Thanks John

The Sure-Fire Road to More Great Leads …That Few Ever Take

John: Good morning everyone, today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. I’m John Nieuwenburg, I’m a business coach and today we want to talk about what does it mean when you say a great lead. What’s the definition of a great lead Mark?

Mark: Well a great lead is someone who you don’t have to sell.

John: Ok, they just pick up the phone or send you an email and can I buy?

Mark: Well they basically already want you. They know you because they’ve encountered or experienced you before. When I trot this out to people they think, oh it’s a referral, and that is a really common way that people, that this works, this mechanism of sort of a great lead I guess that people are used to. But referrals, why do, let’s dig into that a little bit, why do referrals, what is it that makes referrals work? For me, I think it’s trust.

John: Yeah, of course, there’s a high level of trust and confidence that it’s going to work out.

Mark: Yeah, so they already have trust in the person that’s referring you to them. The problem with referrals though is it’s not something that scales well typically.How do you reach hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people if that’s your goal? That’s the limit of referrals.

John: Exactly, so how do you create that level of confidence and trust with someone up until now you’ve never met?

Mark: Well, we’re sort of demonstrating it right now. We use a method of some form of communication with people on a regular, ongoing basis. So that could be your blog, that could be posting to Facebook, that could be creating Youtube videos, that could be doing Hangouts, Podcasts, there are many technological answers for that these days. There really not all that important, what’s important is consistency. Building a platform that regularly delivers value to people that says, here’s the path to follow so you can get the X that you really want to have. This isn’t something that I’ve invented by any means, it’s been around for a long time. I learned a lot more about it from a guy names Jason Leister,, the link is in the comments below and that’s someone who I recommend you check out. But that is something that we help our clients create, is that platform where they’re regularly communicating value to their target audience and that brings them highly qualified leads. They don’t have to work so hard to sell because the people want to buy, they’re at that point where they want to buy. Does that make sense?

John: Yeah, it definitely does. Something that’s tied into that is recent studies, recent research that shows that the quicker you respond to a lead, the more likely it is that you’re going to get a, well converted into client. What’s that all about?

Mark: Well, I think it just shows responsiveness, you know we’re, there’s probably multiple levels, I think the initial thing that comes up for me is that we’re, we’ve become programmed to even a couple of seconds wait, seems to be oh it’s not fast enough, where maybe two hundred years ago without technology we’d wait for months for an answer about something. Today it’s like it has to be instant. So if you send something to somebody and you have a tracking system in place that alerts you that they’ve actually looked at your communication and then you call them, “Hey do you have any questions about that PDF or that report or that case study I just sent you?” It kind of freaks people out a little bit and then they’re right in that mode, they’re actually thinking about you, they’re thinking about your service, they’re thinking about the solution you provide and you have a lot better opportunity at that point to move the sale forward, move that lead from maybe not as warm to really high quality lead where they’re starting to get to know you a lot more. Another way of this whole mechanism of a platform connecting with people on a regular basis with consistency, that’s the big one. Consistency is sort of a magic bullet that most people don’t do quite honestly.

John: When you say consistency, does that mean monthly, weekly, daily? How do you define consistency in this case?

Mark: Well, I think whatever you can manage is the first level. The more you do, the more consistent you are, the more you’re, if there’s too much, hourly is too much, but daily is probably the goal. But honestly, for most small business owners, I mean, their head pops off and rolls around on the ground whenever I mention that. So weekly would be great, monthly. Monthly, you know would be useful. It’s much better than not doing it. Weekly is what we found works the best, in terms of the time required and the return on investment that you get from that.

John: So, in summary then, the goal then is to produce content that your readers deem to be valuable, is useful to them in some way and to do that in a way that casts you as someone who is expert in your industry. Does that about sum it up Mark?

Mark: That sums it up.

John: Well, we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert at Top Local Lead Generation. You can see his phone numbers in the lower third, I think that’s what Google calls it, so if you’re interested in finding out more about how this strategy can help you and your business get more leads and more qualified leads and leads ready to do business with you, give Mark a call.

Mark: Thanks John.

Why Would You Hire A Lead Generation Company?

John: Good afternoon, my name’s John Nieuwenburg, I’m with W5 Business Coaching and today we’re with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation and my question for you today Mark is, why would someone want to take on a lead generation company?

Mark: Well I think for most people, lead generation in small business certainly, is one of the most important things that they depend on. So if you’re not getting the kind of lead generation results that you need, you look for other opportunities. So for me when I talk to businesses about this kind of stuff, they typically have a target they want more leads and consistent leads every week, but then they have lots of implements that they want to use. The answer is Facebook ads, the answer is SEO, the answer is you name it, on and on. There’s many many many arrows that one can choose from to create more leads and a lead generation company will have the expertise to be able to use the right arrow and to help you develop out a funnel, a strategy that then becomes very evident which tool to use to drive those leads. And that’s ultimately why. You’re going to get efficiency, you’re going to get measurement, you’re going to get results and that’s why you hire a lead generation company.

John: What’s distinct about your version, your style of lead generation?

Mark: Well, I think we’ve always been very focused on content is a big part of what we create, just like we’re going right now and there’s specific kinds of content that work much much better and so because I’ve done this for 20 years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve made more mistakes than most people have and that means I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons and you don’t have to. And that’s one of the big reasons why you hire me.

John: Awesome. Thinking about some of your more recent successes with clients, give us a bit of a case study or story about helping a particular client.

Mark: Well, I might turn this around a little bit John, you’re a client and we’ve over the last while we’ve gotten you to number one for Business Coach in Vancouver and what kind of results has that produced for you?

John: Geez, I didn’t expect to get a turn the table here, but SEO optimizing my website has produced great results for me and my business. This last year has been the best year financially that I’ve had in business since starting in 2004, about half of the business I did last year was a result of an enquiry from my website. So what that means is, that someone I’ve never known before, wasn’t a referral, someone who went to the internet looking for a business coach. Did a search, some of them looked at more than one site, many of them looked at my site and that was their extent of their search and that means that I had to be at or near the top of the list or the first candidate that people selected to evaluate and decide whether or not to go ahead. So being at the top of the list makes a massive difference in the results that you get and I’m at the top of the list and I think largely thanks to the work that you’ve been doing for me.

Mark: So there it is. It’s not just that we got you ranking first, the website delivers, the conversion is there, I mean those are all the pieces, the arrows that one needs to be able to hit that target and it’s putting it all together. I mean, you did a great job with your website, your developers did a fantastic job I think, and it’s proving out.

John: Yeah, I’m a lot of great feedback. Thanks Mark. Lots of great feedback from clients and from near and far actually, some very significant, positive feedback from people.

Mark: So there you go.

John: So thanks Mark, thanks for your time today and if you’re looking for someone to help you figure out the levers and dials of your tactical marketing plan, let me recommend Mark Bossert at the number you see there or go - ask for Mark.

Mark: Thanks John

John: Cheers

What Does Top Local Lead Generation Do?

John: Good morning it’s John Nieuwenburg of W5 Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. We’ve been having an ongoing series about what lead generation is, what SEO is, what Mark does. So my question for you today Mark, is what is it exactly that you do? Maybe you can be a little more specific and clear than I just was and what is it about what you do that you’re unique at? What is your point of differentiation?

Mark: Thanks John. So you know what we do is help businesses get more leads with online advertising and with search ranking. That’s my elevator pitch. The difference that makes all the difference is that over the years we’ve developed a methodology, a plan and system that honestly happened by happenstance. It started with the need for search rankings to have content in order to optimize. You can’t optimize what isn’t there. So that’s where we started. What’s that has morphed into is that’s as true today as it was twenty years ago even, but what it’s morphed into that the clients of ours that are diligent, consistent about creating content on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, year after year become world acknowledged experts in their field and they stand out. It’s almost as though by showing up, they become an authorities, they become differentiated in their field, they’re recognized by search engines and by their clients and this becomes never-ending reliable flow of weekly leads for them, and that process is what we use now with all of our clients and thats what makes us different from your run of the mill SEO company that builds links and does spammy stuff and gets you in trouble.

John: Now you just said something that’s kind of interesting there. Why does it matter to search engines that you’re building content and what’s the different between the approach of building content versus what you just said about link building and spammy stuff?

Mark: Well, building content delivers value first, you’re going to say who you are, what makes you different like just we’re doing right now, and that enables people to understand, ok who am I dealing with - what’s this company like, what’s the owner like, what are the people that work at the company like, what do they believe in, what are their values, what makes them tick, is there a connection, does that sound like it’s in alignment with my business? If it is, then it’s probably a way better fit and it’s going to deliver a lot more results for your company than if you’re talking to somebody who’s completely different from you, believes completely different things, have different values. We believe in service, you know we want to make our customers as successful as we possibly can. We work diligently and unendingly to make that happen as much as we possibly can. It’s a two way street, it’s a partnership. We need our customers, who are their subject matter expert to produce content so we can promote the heck out of it, and search engines want that. The whole purpose of search is to provide people with answers to their questions. You go online, you do a search. It’s not because you got nothing to do anymore, it’s because you’ve got too much to do and you need an answer as fast as possible. And that’s why search engines love content. They want to know who this experts are and reward them with higher rankings because it provides value to the searcher.

John: You’ve been talking about content, what exactly does content, when you say content, what does that mean?

Mark: Well content would be just anything that you can produce. So that might be written, it might be video like we’re doing right now, could be social media postings, it could be curating other content that you find, something that you do a lot of John. Something, you know where you are providing value, unique takes, unique looks at another way of providing that answer that folks are look for How do I organize my time, you know all the things that you deal with when you’re coaching businesses becomes, how do I say that in as many ways until I find that way, that puzzle piece that fits that new person, that makes sense to them, that then moves things forward to the next level.

John: So if I understand correctly what you’re saying then is, that you want to become known as an expert, a leading authority in your field and the best way to do that is to produce content, produce and post content, as a result search engines present your site first when your the people in your niche are looking for answers in the matters where you’ve become the expert. That sound about right?

Mark: The covers it exactly. The follow on, and that’s where we started ultimately, but where it’s ended up is that, that happens but then you also get clients on a level that is completely different because you are now the authority, you’re the world recognized authority, as the expert in your little niche and that delivers. You don’t have to sell anything anymore. You just get clients who are already sold because you’ve already provided months and months and years eventually, of value that proves you just keep showing up and delivering what you need to deliver. Delivering that value that they want, and so they can go - well who am I going to get when I need this person, when I need this person to help me with lead generation, when I need this person to help me with business coaching or automotive service or whatever it is - who am I going to talk to? Well these guys cause they’ve done this for years.

John: Well, that’s awesome. Today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Rankings and if you’re looking for someone to help you with lead generation and you have a niche that you want to become known for perhaps give Mark a shout. Check out their website or send him an email

Mark: Thanks John

John: Cheers

Solving Lead Flow Problems – Top Local Lead Generation

What Are the Problems That Most Small Businesses Face?

John: Hello everyone, I’m John Nieuwenburg, I’m a business coach with W5 Coaching and today I’m talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. Mark, what would you say is the top problem that most small businesses face?

Mark: Thanks John, so the main thing I guess is the old, as all business coaches know, there is never any small business has never enough time there is never enough money. But I think today, there’s a third thing that I’ve seen and encountered a lot in my business in the last eight years in that, there’s not enough expertise in online marketing and how to make that work. I can’t count the number of times I’ve talked to business owners who’ve said I don’t use Facebook, I don’t know what that is, I have not idea how to make that work and on. So ultimately it boils down to do they have an online website, it’s not really delivering them any value that they can measure typically unless it’s generating phone calls for them because they luckily did something right or they hired a good company who worked for them for a while and produced some results. And so they end up often relying on the things they’ve always used, they’re still in YellowPages, trying to use newspapers, they’re advertising on the radio and TV, and while those last two can be very effective if you’re in the right niche, they’re very expensive and they’re becoming more and more fragmented. So it becomes a loser’s game in a way where there’s a lot of money being spent without any trackability, any accountability, and that is the whole reason for the power of online marketing, is that we can target everything.

John: Yeah, online marketing, one of the great things about it is that it’s very measurable. You can measure the inputs, you can measure the outputs and whether or not your investment of both time and money is producing a return.

Mark: So if people are interested in discovering a little bit more, we’re going to keep it short and sweet, just a quick intro today. I’m going to put a URL to a discovery form that walks you through a bit of a process, asking you what you need to learn, what you’d like to learn more about to dip your feet into the deep, dark pool of online marketing, start targeting your exact people and measuring the results at return on investment that’s unprecedented. Down below you’ll see where the URL is, where you can click and enter into our discovery form. Thanks John

John: Thank you very much Mark, thanks for your time today.

Telling Stories Works – What Kind of Stories?

We recommend clients use three types stories… especially as they get started producing content.

Service of the Week

The first type and most possibly the easiest to make into a story is the “customer repair or service” of the day or week style story. This is a story where you simply relate what the problem was that the customer had, what was done to fix the problem and how they feel about that after-the-fact.

Note that you can also actually celebrate an actual customer of the week, like Starbucks and many other businesses do. This is a unique reward for customer loyalty that is very effective.

We’ve adapted this story... from descriptions of a fashion designers “outfit of the week”; to auto service “repair of the week”; to jewellers with a “ring of the week” and many more. Every time you can tell the story of before, during and after your product or service was used to create value for one of your customers, it pays dividends for years.

Frequently asked Questions, Answers and a Story

The next type of story can produce a lot of content. It is simply answering the frequently asked questions that you get. You can brainstorm out at least 50-100 questions that you get all the time. The trick here is to actually reference a customer's experience and make the story relevant to what other customer’s will experience. It's basically a combination of answering the frequently asked question and the customer of the day style story.

The distinction here is unlike most boring, dry as dirt FAQ pages, adding in the story of how a customer asking that sort of question benefitted, suddenly it’s value goes sky high. Folks will be able to see the benefit they can get for themselves. That’s gold!

Testimonials and Reviews

The third story type is testimonials or reviews. Getting a testimonial or review from a customer provides tremendous social proof of the value of your product or service. It's a little trickier because you must either interview them or have them deliver a written testimonial that you can turn into a story.

The most effective way to produce customer testimonials is to do them in video form — this will provide the best return on investment.

On verye cost-effective way to get customer testimonials on video is to have a testimonial day, or customer appreciation event where you schedule a number of customers to come in and leave a testimonial. That way you can have the video equipment, lighting and sound all set up and reuse it over and over under a tight schedule.

There are many many other types of stories to generate interest and a following for your business. Here’s another example we’ve used a lot:

Local Area Landing Pages

Place exploring – What’s unique about your local area? What are your favourite areas? What are the resources available in your local area that would be of interest to your target market? Schools, museums, entertainment, and anything else the area is notable for?

Telling stories is mostly about written content or video. However, storytelling through images is really important and critical on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

We’ll continue talking about the types of stories you can tell in upcoming posts.

To learn more about whether your business is a fit to work with Top Local Lead Generation please go to and let’s start the conversation!

Tell a Story

Storytelling is naturally entertaining, and persuasive. There is real power in stories. Stories are the best way to communicate value to your audience.

I recommended in January 2014 that Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver start doing a “repair of the day” post. “Take a picture of the vehicle, and tell the story of what was wrong, how you found it and how you fixed it. If you have time, take a picture of the repaired part” I said.

Bernie started doing around 3 times a week and within a couple months their business picked up and stayed steady. We’ll get back to Bernie’s story in a minute.

Storytelling, creating content and selling, work together. Really they are one and the same. And since we are creating content to get more leads and ultimately to sell more, this is a great thing.

**I’m not recommending that you ever just create content that does not offer a way for your audience to buy from you. Every piece of content you create must have a way for your clients to purchase or call to book an appointment!

Anytime you are trying to convince someone of something —eg. What we do is valuable and here’s why, or You should buy this, or This will help you — there is fear. Not fear like a dog threatening to bite you right now but anxiety or unconscious fear.

Presented with something new, most of us have fear of making a mistake, of being ripped off or that the product or service will not deliver as promised. 

Think about the last time someone tried to sell or convince you.  Didn’t you start from a place of having your guard up, of being cautious?

Stories are the simplest and most effective way to get someone’s guard down and allow the client to really listen without that underlying, confusing background of fear.

Why Does it Work?

First off a story is not directly about the person you are talking to - it’s a story about someone else. So the client knows you are not “selling them” at that point. You are telling a story and hopefully the story is relevant to their situation. You are not telling them what they “should” do, you’re telling a story about someone else.

Second, they are listening for the lesson or point of the story! We all know stories have a point or lesson. The point might be simple like good triumphs over evil, or a more complex point of how bad things were happening, the folks did x, y, z and good things started happening.

The point of the story told is the same point you would be making if you were “pitching” them, but because they seemingly figured out the point themselves, they are more comfortable with applying the lesson or point to their situation. Their natural resistance to being told or sold something is lessened.

Stories allow your audience to visualize, which uses their unconscious mind/ lizard brain. If the unconscious is busy visualizing, it is not busy being afraid.

What happened with Pawlik Automotive? The business has grown so much over the year and a half since he started regularly telling the stories of client repairs that they are doubling the size of the garage!

When he posts stories on a consistent basis every week, it leads to an increase in business. It’s not instant, but it always works!

To learn more about whether your business is a fit to work with Top Local Lead Generation please go to and let’s start the conversation!

Target Market

  • Who are the people in your market?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What problems do they want to solve?
  • What questions do they need answered?

Use your own experience to create as detailed a picture as possible for the target market of the product or service your selling. Go deeper than demographics when answering this question: who is my target market? The deeper you go the better your marketing will be.

To create effective targeted content, you have to know your target market inside and out. Successful businesses are able to seemingly get inside their customer's mind and discover what they care about.

What do they desire? What is their passion? What are their pains?

What do they think about and what did they search for online?

People respond when your advertising is targeted and relevant to them.

Here’s how this works: Let’s say you own a local auto repair shop, servicing all makes and models of cars and trucks. You create advertising that targets women in your town who have a Toyota or Honda.

However, your male potential customers who own a BMW or a Mercedes are not going to relate to that message. You best create a separate message for both. In testing, it’s been proven best to create posts for both genders and for each car brand, model and year!

It doesn't matter that both target markets can get repairs for their cars at your shop. People want and expect messaging that speaks directly to their needs, or they will likely ignore your message.

People are exposed to 5,000 - 50,000 ad messages per day — masses of information bombarding us day and night. We subconsciously screen out anything that doesn't directly apply to us. It’s a survival mechanism. So that Toyota repair video, valuable post or commercial may not even register on a Ford owner's radar, even though your shop repairs many Fords and everything else.

However - We are testing a method of getting this information that involves much less educated guessing. It's proving to be very effective... stay tuned!

Great Titles Will Double Your Leads

Content that delivers value generates leads, Getting your content read is one of the biggest challenges of communication. The best way I've heard it described is like this:

Your title gets people to read the first or introductory paragraph.

Your first paragraph gets people to read the next paragraph. Each ongoing paragraph leads readers down the path of your article, delivering. (Video works the same way.)

The title of your article or Video is very important. Critical in fact. It won’t get even a chance at being read or watched unless the title gets someone to click.

So where's a good, quick place to learn about headline writing? Since we’re talking about business writing let’s look at Start with “Top posts this week.”

Here’s the often best (IMO) title example that you can see illustrated on LinkedIn Pulse. it’s an evergreen title formula…

Use Exact Numbers And Unique Examples In Your Title

6 Genuine Ways to Really Stand Out at Work by Jeff Haden

10 Ideas For Getting An Interview without Applying

This style of headline uses specifics in numbers and in what the reader will get from reading your article. This makes the headline more attractive. It’s a proven tactic. 7 out of 10 of the “Top Posts All Time” on LinkedIn use this formula!

When well crafted, these headlines last a long time. They can continue to bring business and leads to you for months or even years.

Titles That Don’t Work As Well (or are a lot harder to do well…)


In my opinion, using questions is an attempt to enter into the conversation already in your prospects mind… a tricky thing to do well. When it’s setup properly, it can work (so don’t just ignore it) but just laying the question out there - is a big gamble.

Hype Laden and/or Very Long Titles

We are bombarded with advertising so as a learned defence mechanism, people have become very good bullshit detectors. There’s a fine line between “hype” and excitement and when you cross that line you lose people.

Long headlines are just hard to scan. Make things hard to scan and most people will move on to the next thing (and there’s always a next thing).

The ideal title length is 55 characters. Keep it to 7 to 10 words.


The Best Advice I Can Give You About Titles:

Write at least 25 titles for every article. Then pick the best one and use that.

Yes Bunky, that much work is the magic bullet of blood, sweat, and tears that makes for well received articles, posts and video.

Craft great titles and you will rank better, connect more and get more leads from your efforts!

Look Below for my 25 working title ideas for this post.

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Great Titles Will Double Your Leads

85% of your financial success is it due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead; only 15% is due to technical knowledge.

 Carnegie Institute of Technology

Tripling+ Your Website Leads This Year?

Hi Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation

First I want to be clear about how I plan to add value to your lead generation efforts. Each day, I’m posting an article with new lead generation tips.

Our company has generated $10’s of millions worth of leads for our clients and I’ve been doing online marketing since 1994.

Please know that all I care about is results. I focus strictly on what works. If you are looking to double, triple or 10x your business leads - this year - then you are in the right place.

Those kind of results are where I can lead you. How?

By providing “proven, tested steps.” By slashing your time wasted on trial and error and increasing your time spent doing what works!

But I don’t expect you to believe me. All I expect is that you put what you learn to the test in your online marketing. What happens after that will tell you everything that you need to know.

So what’s the biggest secret to Doubling Leads?

Post content of value to your market consistently.

Once you add the step of promoting that content, that is as simple as it really is. After that it’s just a matter of learning what works better and scaling your promotion to hit more and more new potential customers.

So what are examples of Content of Value?

Answer the frequently asked questions you get.

Tell the story of a Customer, product or service of the day.

Most of all - Solve your customers problems.

Whatever level of content frequency you set out to do, commit to doing that for the next year. Say you plan to get 3 blog posts a week done. Do what it takes to then get that done, without fail – for the next year!

2 weeks of every day and then stopping for 6 months will net you next to nothing.

Provide value - well what is that? Value in this case is about helping potential customers know more about what you do, why it’s important and how it helps them.

Especially how it helps them.

Let me repeat the most important thing - How Your Content Helps Them Solve Their Problem

Is Valuable!

Effective online marketing is teaching - providing learning, that solves potential customers problems before they have even done business with you.

This is a cultural shift for most business owners and marketing in general. It is responsible for literally billions in sales and is critical for online marketing success.

Know, Like and Trust is what everyone progresses thru before they become a customer. Blog posting and promoting regularly accelerates this process if you provide value.

And that results in more leads!

So I trust this article/ video has been of value. If you want to learn more please go to our website at

Thank you for watching and we’ll see you again soon.

Content – What’s New?

Hi, Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation

We’re continuing our series about how to double your website leads this year.

This video provides details about kinds of effective content we’ve proven drives leads for our small business clients.

But what content?

What's New .... Content

There’s Always Something New!

It might be new products or services

It might be new clients - Customer of the Week

Tell The Story

For most small businesses there is always something new! This is good content to create because it’s news and you can tell the story of why you have added it - what problem does it solve?

Customer of the Week Story

Tell the story of your customer and the job you did! 

A Customer of the Week story almost writes itself; Why did they come in, What was the problem, How did you fix it, How happy were they with the work.

Case Study

Pawlik Automotive customer “Repair of The Day”


Website traffic up 25% Year over year

Steady stream of leads daily

Business is expanding from 3 bays to 6 bays for the links

Thank you for watching and we’ll see you soon.

Creating Content Quickly With Hangouts

Google Hangouts are a great way to create content that has many purposes. You can use them to create video content and you can use them with transcription to be a written post. Especially useful is how using an interview format keeps you on track and focuses your mind about what your article will be about.

At the end of this post,  I've embedded a Hangout video that shows you how an extensive blog post can be done in a quick efficient manner.

Google Hangout Primer

Here are Google’s tips on starting a Hangout: Click Here

Hootsuite published a quick primer on doing Hangouts on Air as well: Click Here


Now here’s the background on making this look (pretty) seamless.

Bernie and I have invested in good lighting, good sound - in my case using a Sennheiser headset, a 1080p Logitech camera, fast wired internet connections and we both have recent computers.

Bernie writes out a full script and sends the questions to me beforehand. I prepare the Hangout with the title prior to launching the broadcast.

After the Hangout is complete, my team edits the video and put Pawlik Automotive branding bumpers on both ends and we transcribe the video. The edited version is then reloaded to the Pawlik Automotive YouTube page and shared on Google+.

Running a Hangout as a content strategy is a lot more complicated. There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to go wrong! The advantage of doing it well is that you are doing way more than your competition will probably ever do.

The big advantage is that Hangouts rank better than almost any other content​. Putting content together in this way, that your customers want to see will increase your business leads.

Create Content Quickly

Speaking Your Blog Posts to Create Content Faster

Speaking your blog posts seems like a counter intuitive way to create content. It does take a little practice. I find that if I don't watch the writing taking place and I concentrate on the subject at hand I can generate a lot of content in short order.

Case in point. This blog post is being written by my speaking into my Mac mini.

Dictation software has become very very good. As I continue to use this software the accuracy gets better and better as it starts to recognize my own idioms and idiosyncrasies.


Here's where outlining what you're going to talk about becomes more important. It's easy when you're just speaking to go off on a tangent cannot makes for unclear communication. If you're following a outline or even a set of bullet points that you want to make, your content will make a lot more sense.

Up to this point in the article has taken me three minutes to create. When I'm just typing, it would be quite a bit longer to get this much done.

One of the things that I notice is that of course, it's much harder to edit while you're speaking. Having written a lot, editing while writing slows your writing down more than anything else. The best method in terms of creating great content and in terms of speed of creation is to write without editing in one session and go back later to edit in a separate session.

Dictating forces you to do exactly that so once your brain is in the flow of creation you will easily concentrate on the task of creating and then be able to go back and switch to the other side of your brain to do the editing. This is a much faster way to produce content.

Note: One thing that might happen is that your computer may go to sleep because it doesn't recognize any keypresses or mouse movements while you're speaking.

There is dictation software built into the major operating systems both on desktop and mobile devices and it's pretty darn good. There's also more professional grade dictation software like Dragon Naturally Speaking which I've used in the past. What comes with the Macintosh now is better than  Dragon was a few years ago.

So here's what I recommend. Give speaking your articles a try. You won't know until you test out if this is a great way for you to create content quickly. If like me you find that it works really well, you just might find you can create articles in 10 or 15 minutes that would normally take you an hour or more!

So search out the dictation software on your computer and take action!

For a pretty comprehensive list of voice recognition software, here's a Wikipedia article.

Valuable Content

Hi, Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation

Recently we’ve been blogging about how to double your website leads this year.

This video provides details about the most effective content we’ve proven drives leads for our small business clients.

What is the most effective content?

Problem Solving Content.

For most clients the easiest content to create is based around the frequently asked questions they always get from their customers.

What are those frequently asked questions?? Make a list - get your team involved and brainstorm out a list of the 50 to 100 questions you get all the time. Then jot down the answers to those questions.

I often get push back from clients asking what good will that content be? Everyone knows that already… if they knew they would not ask… right?

FAQ answers solve …. the problems your customers are wanting to start to solve.

When you answer those questions online they start to feel that they can trust you. Here’s the big secret though.

Your customers search for these answers online! All the different ways that you can write out the question is what they will put into a search query. Title your content with the question and you will rank high for that question!

Why? Your competition is NOT doing this!

Video Content

Video has many advantages but for leads it ranks faster ranks easier, ranks in multiple search places like YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook.

…Compared to written content

Video with the transcript ranks 53 times better - most people are very hesitant about doing video and the best answer I can provide is just do it.


The easiest way to get started is to be interviewed on a Google Hangout. You can do it from your computer, the video is recorded and automatically put on YouTube, and with someone asking you questions it keeps you on track.

There are considerations.

Here’s our blog post on getting ready to do a hangout on air.

need good lighting; Need good sound, a fast computer and a fast internet connection.

The video can still end up grainy even with the best setup possible.

Your connection is busy with other traffic; You must use a wifi connection (rarely good); Google always compresses the video and that causes pixelation

Option 2

Shoot Video With Your Smartphone

You’ll need a tripod, good lighting, good sound and editing software

Here’s some resources to learn more - There are many tips and recommendations - good content. - use 10 day free trial to find what you like - thousands of training courses there

Paid resources - - range of courses there about creating video from $47 - for $20-80 you can get different levels of access to their video training library

Thank you for watching and we’ll see you soon.

Doubling Website Leads Valuable Content

Doubling the Leads You Get from Your Website Is a Simple Task - but Creating Valuable Content Is Easier Than You Think!

The 2 steps to double your website leads are:

• Post content of value to your website regularly

• Promote that content with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Google+, etc.

Let's dig deeper. What do I mean by valuable content? Valuable to who is the first and most important question.

I see lots of content posted that is of value to the company posting it. Examples would be real estate listings sold, awards won, and product or service pitches. In themselves, these are not bad content, but if they are the only thing you post then your target market will ignore you quick as a wink.

Valuable content is content that is valuable to your target market. This is where we add in another concept - KLT. For anyone to choose to do business with your company they must walk the path of know, like and trust (KLT). Every client who has ever bought from you has first become aware of you, then grew to like you for some reason (and these reasons include prices, selection, speciality), and eventually trust you enough to do business.  

How do we make this path easy for your customers online?

​Our clients have found that posting content of value is the magic carpet path. OK what kind of content?

Solve their ​problems. Give them results in advance as much as is practical.

There are 3 categories of this content that we've proven work:

1. Answering the frequently asked questions you get. Simply post the answers to those questions in detail on your blog - one question/answer per blog post. 

2. Customer Service of the day / week ​- here you post the quick story of a customer's car, home, repair job, issue that was solved, etc and how you did it. 

3. Solve their problems - these are "how to" videos and posts, insider tips, case studies,​ and any other way of solving their problems in an information providing manner.

Below are links to examples of valuable content​:

​Cost Comparison - Free My TV - Click Here

FreeMyTV Compare

Customer of the week - Pawlik Automotive - Click Here​

Pawlik Diesel Customer

FAQ answers - Eva and Co Wigs - Click Here​

Evan and Co Wigs - FAQ answer

Solving Problems - Fairbairn Inspections - Click Here

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Tips - Paul Toffoli Real Estate - Click Here​

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