Online Marketing Blueprint for Small Business

It’s not a stretch or a flight of fancy anymore to state that Yellowpages and other traditional advertising marketing mediums for small business are in trouble… Yellow Media stock here in Canada is now under $.20 (< 20 cents) a share!

So where can you cost effectively promote your business and get a positive return on investment? I humbly submit that one of the only places left that is affordable is online marketing.

So let’s…

Define the Opportunity:

To market online: your business needs extend to 5 major areas;

One: A Good WordPress* website
Good includes strong Design (look + Feel), proper Site navigation, proper seo and internal linking and an easy to split test Conversion structure.
– Ongoing optimization of pages/content for conversion

* WordPress in our opinion and experience (shared by -many- others) is by far, the best platform for a small business to use to build and maintain their website and/or blog.

Two: Content
– Content – lots of it and ongoing on a regular basis (ie. each week)
– Forms of content – written articles, video + podcast episodes/ explanations, images, user generated (getting your clients to build your content); content curation
– Places used – social media (in lengths for Facebook, Twitter, Google+); email lists; text marketing; article distribution; reviews and testimonials

Three: Social Media
– Setup of and ongoing optimization of Social Media platforms (keeping up as services are added or new ones become popular)
– Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn; and others as fit your niche – ie. Pinterest etc.
– Content – Calendaring content creation/ posting schedule

Four: Search Engine Optimization
– Good setup of and ongoing On-page SEO, site structure, internal linking
– Ongoing external link building
– PR, content distribution – video sites, email list, text list

Five: Online Advertising
– PPC setup
– Ad writing and testing of ads
– Landing page creation/optimization

So how is a small business going to be able to do even a portion of this?
Part of the answer is budgeting the time and dollars needed; part is building a plan of action with time frames. The other part of the answer is getting expert guidance to help you with the steps you don’t know how to or want to do.

Questions That will Help
What are your advantages over your competition? What can you do that they cannot, or are un-willing to do? The place that we have seen the biggest advantage and growth happen for customers is when they are actively involved in content creation, on a week by week basis.

The world of SMB marketing has changed – drastically!

There are so many massive changes going on that it would be very easy to ignore it all and just say, “Bah! Business is still business and things are not much different than ever.”

Nothing could be further from the truth and… you seriously risk your ongoing business survival by ignoring what is changing around us at dizzying speed! Ask YellowPages.

I know you’ve heard this sort of hyperbole before – probably reminds you of 1999, right? However, the fundamental changes, real growth and systemic upheaval we’re in the midst of right now makes the hype from back then look like minor complaints! The real change going on right now is so big, it’s hard to fathom. It’s so big it’s hard to see!

As an example, mobile device use of the internet has grown to overtake use from desktop computers – done deal. Facebook will have over 1 billion users – almost as large as the largest countries on the planet. Twitter will grow to over 500 million accounts. Online video will continue to grow and make more new content each week than all the TV networks on earth have -ever- created.

What are the signs of how big these changes are? We’ve seen companies start from scratch and get to $2 billion in revenue in 2 years. We’ve seen institutions in fields like book publishing, movies, TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, yellowpages – go broke, close or be forced to radically change their business model, to just survive.

Your Choices
• You can ignore it…
• You can learn what you need to do in order to participate
• You can get us to help you and start getting more business.

It’s not easy or simple, but in our opinion it’s the only game left – if you want your business to grow.