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Local, Mobile and Where is it all going…

Google Buys Motorola; HP kills webOS; Acer loses Money

The above happened in the last … week!

If you know me at all, you know I tend to bleat on endlessly about how things are changing so incredibly fast in the mobile space and that the transition from desktops to mobile devices is the biggest, fastest business change in history.

The above is more evidence of this. A huge player in mobile, namely Google, spends 12.5 Billion dollars to purchase a money losing mobile device maker. Once the deal closes that adds 60% more people to the Google team. Wow. Good or bad time will tell but this is a massive change!

Hewlett Packard (HP) is the worlds largest computer seller. Last week they reported earnings and added in the second paragraph that they were killing their mobile division webOS (which they got from purchasing Palm last year.) Pre phones and (2 month old) Tablets – discontinued. They went on sale at bargain prices and pretty much sold out over the weekend. For those interested, this is a fast way to burn $100 million.

HP also stated their intention to explore selling off their consumer computer division! Yo, the largest computer manufacturer just said they cannot compete in mobile or in computers and the business sucks and they want out. Wow.

Acer is the second largest computer manufacturer in the world. They released their quarterly numbers early this week and for the first time in 10 years lost money. They said they will not make a profit this year. Their chairman Wang, stated that tablets were fading in popularity and Acer would be blah blah big blah blah sell more than anyone blah blah, wait until next year blah blah.

The second biggest computer seller is in trouble. Wow.

This data supports how big the transition is. Mobile devices are exploding in popularity and there will be more of them than computers very soon – before the end of this year, 2011.

For small business it means that your business is best served by looking to the future as to where your customers are going to be looking for, and hopefully finding you.

Is it on a mobile device? Do you know if you are ready? Do you know what it will take to get ready?

You already know that YellowPages, TV, newspapers, direct mail don’t work as well as they used to – if at all.

So what’s your plan? Wait and watch to see if it really happens… or get started?

Since we’re so deep in data from all the customers we serve, we see it every day… search volumes are growing in every sector. Local business niches that were simple to get top ranks for because the competition was sparse 2 years ago, are tougher and tougher now!

The gun has gone off and the race has started! The scale – At worst your competition is taking your online business and are disappearing over the horizon. At best you’ve got started marketing online and you’re putting competition in the rearview.

Where are you on that scale with your online marketing plan?