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John: Good day, it’s John Nieuwenburg, I’m with W5 Business Coaching and today I’m talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. Good morning Mark.

Mark: Morning John.

John: Mark, so the topic for today is when you work with clients, your clients at Top Local Rankings, how do you help your clients figure out who their ideal client is?

Mark: We have a set of questions that we basically send to them to fill out and work through the process. It can be challenging, to just sit down and go who’s my best clients, who do I want to have and so, a bit of a process is always a lot easier. I’ve learned from somebody, so following that process, we get them to ask questions like who’s your most consistent client, who do you enjoy working with, average age of your best clients, who have you had the longest, is there a gender that you like working with more, where do they live, what are their interests, what do they watch, those kinds of things. We have a pretty organized set of two pages that if you really understand your business, it probably takes 10 minutes to fill out and send back. If it’s something you haven’t really thought about before or you want to go into more detail, we’ll ask people, often you’ll find in a company that the CEO or the owner will have a different view point from the customer service people or the people who are on the front line actually answering the phone or even the sales people. And so, sometimes it’s an amalgam of all of those. Getting sheets filled out by everyone and then putting together, ok well, here’s our best target out of all that from the people who are actually out there doing it rather than the person up top who’s pulling the levers and maybe doesn’t have as much customer contact anymore. So that’s how we do that.

Why this is important is actually very critical for who we target when we’re going to run ads for a company to drive leads, we must have an ideal customer profile or avatar or there’s many names for it, so that we know who to target because we can dial in exactly to those people on Facebook or even we’re doing strict lead generation. We can tailor the keyword searches towards specific demographics but we got to start with who is that first.

John: Yeah, you can’t hit a bulls eye if you don’t have a target, if you don’t’ even know what the bulls eye looks like. So one of the first services then you help clients work out is benchmarking who their ideal clients are, and for some clients that’s a new thought, a new concept it’s a bit of an effort to work through and to get that accurate and for some clients then they’ve got a pretty good handle on it, it’s time to refresh their client benchmarking.

So if you want to get a better return on your investment and marketing, a better return on the investment you make with Top Local Rankings, the first thing you want to do and make sure that you don’t overlook the value, the importance of benchmarking who your best clients are, establishing who you’re going to go after in your lead generation efforts. Does that about summarize it Mark?

Mark: Absolutely, it’s a critical part

John: Yeah, yeah and something when starting with clients, often they’re so anxious to get going, that they don’t give this part of the process the amount of attention it deserves in my experience. Would you say that’s true in your experience as well?

Mark: Well, it’s kind of why we went this direction of making it into a system, was they didn’t know, honestly. If they did, you know if I sat dow with them and spent a couple hours dragging it out of them we could get there and doing interviews with everyone around the offices and finding it. We just needed to have a more efficient way and allow them to have more time to let it roll around in their head a little bit, for a few days and then, oh yeah, there was that guy who was with us for 10 years etc. So having that process to follow just makes it much easier and for us, you know for advertising, it’s target and what’s the offer. That’s how simple it is once we get this refined, so this is critical for us to do the best job possible.

John: Yeah, so one marketing mentor that I know talks about strategy before tactics and what we’re discussing here is exactly that. Let’s make sure we have the right strategy that were going after the right prospects before we decide what tactics, which marketing programs we’re going to use to attract those clients. So today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation, you can reach Mark at or you can see in the avatar, his phone number there, or visit his website at Thanks very much Mark for your time today.

Mark: Thanks John

John: Cheers


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