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John: Good morning, it’s John Nieuwenburg with W5 Business Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation, morning Mark.

Mark: Morning John

John: We’ve been having an ongoing series talking about what lead generation can do for you. So todays question Mark is this, so we’ve agreed to work together, what role do I as the client have to take on in order to make the lead generation program work and be successful?

Mark: Sure so when we start an engagement we inquire pretty deeply about the processes, the history of the company and what they’ve used for lead generation in the past, what they have for resources, what they’re comfortable with. We have four arrows in our quiver that we use out of the many tactics or strategies that you can use for lead generation, there’s four that we concentrate on. So that starts with content, Facebook ads, reputation management and we also do lead generation which is a whole separate thing which is we actually drive the whole process. So depending on which of those fit your business the best, will depend on what and how much you will actually need to do.

So lets look at content: For content creation an example of which is what we’re doing right now, there is some investment on your part as our client to get expert content created and we try to make it as easy as possible by doing these hangouts. The hangouts are transcribed and distributed around the internet, on your social media platforms, put it on your blog, it can become a Pdf. There are many ways to repurpose that one off content creation that is that it shows you as the leading expertise or at least in your area. So there is some investment in time, thinking around that.

If we get into the Facebook ads, there is some effort in terms of who is your target market and what would be the best offer to give that target market? So again that’s knowing your business, knowing who you have done business with in the past.

Reputation management: there’s effort in terms of asking your clients to review your business on a consistent level. And on the lead generation side of things, where we’re driving the entire process, basically then it’s up to you to really make sure that your sales process is dialled in because we deliver the phone calls. Those are recorded, we have exact tracking every step of the process up to the phone call and if your guys on your end aren’t doing their job well, then you’re going to be spending money on leads that aren’t converting. It’s up to you to make sure that conversation takes place. So your sales process has to be dialled in. That kind of synopsizes all the four channels that we use.

John: The classic case of pouring water into a bucket that’s got holes in it.

Mark: Yeah, if someone is busy and they don’t want to answer the phone, we’ve had all kinds of different examples where if people’s process isn’t refined and so we’ll help work that out. I mean, it just depends on what the process is. We’ve got some pretty sophisticated methods of driving what that, what is it that a target market is going to want, what are they going to pay you back with their attention with, what’s going to attract them, what’s going to move. In the copywriting days, it was you know, what’s going to move that somnambulistic slob off, slug off of the couch and actually give you some money.

John: In my experience Mark, many times the first thing that needs to be established when you’re taken out one of these kinds of campaigns, is the quality of the data, the quality of your data collection process.You talked about the fact that you record all the phone calls etc, how many of your clients are good at recording, collecting and analyzing their conversation?

Mark: They’re not.

John: Exactly, yeah. So the first thing you can do to help yourself to lead generation is to become better at knowing what your conversion rate is, so that you know in which direction you need to make corrections if going down the road you have a lead generation problem, a conversion problem and if you don’t have good data, there’s no way that you can manage that

Mark: Yeah, if you’re going to build a lead conversion funnel of whatever type, you need to have the right tools, you have to have the right training, so you know what it is that you’re looking for. The data’s there, there’s mountains of data. How to make sense out of it does take a little bit of experience. It’s not terribly difficult. It’s something that if you’re doing it every day is very second nature because it becomes obvious what’s working and what isn’t. But if it’s on the side of the desk on top of everything else you’ve got to do and I’m going to devote 2% of my brain power to making this go, it’s always going to be a real fight, a difficult situation. That’s been my experience with my own business honestly, plus working with other companies.

John: I read an interesting blog post by a sales trainer expert who said it’s remarkable how so many people say their number one goal or priority is sales as an example, and yet when you assess how much of your time, how much of your effort is going against your number one priority, there is a mismatch.

Mark: Yeah, well it’s the same with leads. I mean there is out of hundreds of companies that we’ve worked with in the last nice years, there’s been a couple who were like ruthlessly focused on leads and they were very successful. The rest said they were and weren’t. That’s the truth of it.

John: Well that’s awesome. Today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. If you’re interested in getting more leads in your business and understanding the lead generation process I urge you to give Mark a call, you see his number there on the screen or at mark@toplocalrankings.com. Cheers man

Mark: Thanks John


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