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Content that delivers value generates leads, Getting your content read is one of the biggest challenges of communication. The best way I've heard it described is like this:

Your title gets people to read the first or introductory paragraph.

Your first paragraph gets people to read the next paragraph. Each ongoing paragraph leads readers down the path of your article, delivering. (Video works the same way.)

The title of your article or Video is very important. Critical in fact. It won’t get even a chance at being read or watched unless the title gets someone to click.

So where's a good, quick place to learn about headline writing? Since we’re talking about business writing let’s look at linkedin.com/pulse Start with “Top posts this week.”

Here’s the often best (IMO) title example that you can see illustrated on LinkedIn Pulse. it’s an evergreen title formula…

Use Exact Numbers And Unique Examples In Your Title

6 Genuine Ways to Really Stand Out at Work by Jeff Haden


10 Ideas For Getting An Interview without Applying


This style of headline uses specifics in numbers and in what the reader will get from reading your article. This makes the headline more attractive. It’s a proven tactic. 7 out of 10 of the “Top Posts All Time” on LinkedIn use this formula!

When well crafted, these headlines last a long time. They can continue to bring business and leads to you for months or even years.

Titles That Don’t Work As Well (or are a lot harder to do well…)


In my opinion, using questions is an attempt to enter into the conversation already in your prospects mind… a tricky thing to do well. When it’s setup properly, it can work (so don’t just ignore it) but just laying the question out there - is a big gamble.

Hype Laden and/or Very Long Titles

We are bombarded with advertising so as a learned defence mechanism, people have become very good bullshit detectors. There’s a fine line between “hype” and excitement and when you cross that line you lose people.

Long headlines are just hard to scan. Make things hard to scan and most people will move on to the next thing (and there’s always a next thing).

The ideal title length is 55 characters. Keep it to 7 to 10 words.


The Best Advice I Can Give You About Titles:

Write at least 25 titles for every article. Then pick the best one and use that.

Yes Bunky, that much work is the magic bullet of blood, sweat, and tears that makes for well received articles, posts and video.

Craft great titles and you will rank better, connect more and get more leads from your efforts!

Look Below for my 25 working title ideas for this post.

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85% of your financial success is it due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead; only 15% is due to technical knowledge.

 Carnegie Institute of Technology


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