August 4


John: Good Day, it’s John Nieuwenburg with W5 Business Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. Mark how’re you doing today?

Mark: Just great John, how are you?

John: Good. We’ve been chatting over the last few sessions about lead generation and conversion; you wanted to dig in a little deeper on that today.

Mark: Yeah, we’re going to just dig into maybe some of the steps of identifying that target market a little bit better, like what, how do you specifically do that and then how do you find the channel in order to take advantage of getting in front of those people. So, I’m just going to do a quick screen share here, bear with me, see if this works.

John: Got it.

Mark: And I’m going to flip this up so hopefully that’s full screen

John: No I still have you

Mark: Ah, o.k. so that is definitely not working so we’ll just play this, how about, can you see this now? They’re getting leads

John: No, you know, hold on

Mark: I wonder if it quit, yeah it did, the screen share quit here, so let’s just we’ll just leave it like this and we’ll go through the steps here. Not as elegant as I wanted but hey it’ll work. So getting leads user acquisition or conversions if you want to call that, the reason I’m calling it user acquisition is that we’re going to try and drill down into that one person, some people call it a persona, I really like the idea of digging into who is this, what’s an example of a person that you might already know because that way it becomes a little bit more tangible rather than just making something up. You know, how do we deliver value, what, like what are we, what’s the purpose of all this stuff is, we want to create a product or service that delivers value to a subset of people that’s your target market, this is just a bit of a reminder and number two, we want to get in front of those people regularly in the right way. So here we’re digging into the steps of doing that, so what channel would be possibly use. There are so many I’ve just outlined a few here, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Search?; how do we determine which one? Well, that’s determined by what is the people who are in our target market actually using so we’re going to dig into in the next minute or two about how we find that but it’s also important to realize that sometimes your product or service might determine it exactly so in the example I have fresh in my mind is like a restoration company. They pretty much, the only way that people reach out to them is with search but why is that, while when the plum juice hits the floor somebody’s on the phone looking for that restoration company that can fix it. They’re not looking on Facebook or asking their friends or they don’t really care, they’re just want you know, the plum juice cleaned up. So or the flood stopped or you know whatever in, it’s dire and so speed, it becomes a thing and search is probably the fastest way, so given that say it’s another product or service other than that then we want to identify a person, who are we actually selling to, who’s that ideal market, drill down into let’s make it into someone tangible and who would be somebody who you know, who likes what it is you’re trying to sell and you need to dig into this. So why would they be interested? Generally I find that they like or use other products or services like this, so let’s pick something out of the air, something that you’re maybe familiar with in the past; somebody likes fine suits and to dress really nicely, not that you don’t dress really nicely now, I’m just talking about your past work history

John: Yeah, no I get it

Mark: So why, you know what’s their day like, you know, it’s Bob, Bob likes to dress really sharp. Bob buys all his suits at Nordstrom’s or at Harry Rosen, he’s always, you know, blah, blah, blah, you start to define all these things with into a list of you know, what are the parameters of what’s this person like, what’s their day like, you know, Bob owns his own company, he’s very successful. These are all giving you clues that you’re going to use so you know, we dig further, what websites would they be visiting, what especially when they’re thinking about this area of their life, you know, perhaps they’re they love Instagram because Instagram’s a place where there’s a lot of fashion information so you know, perhaps this guy’s a little bit towards the fashion plate end of things you know GQ style kind of guy, he’s into that and you know what websites would that represent, gives you an idea where you might advertise. Instagram gives you an idea, oh well, let’s dig into the social media side of things and start to see if we can identify the target market that’s beyond just Bob but using Bob as the simocrom, so then we’re going to check out their account on that most used media, dig into it, who do they follow, what hashtags do they use, this is probably the big key to really finding someone on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. To find that kind of a magical huge group of people because they’ll have almost unconsciously adopted a hashtag that you know, becomes the statement for the whole group, you know; could be hashtagged dapper or fashion or you know, I don’t know what it is, you know, but you find that and so you look for those things and you also look at who they follow and start to, what groups are they in etc. and these all become clues to, for you to be able to identify that market and then all we want to do out of all this process basically is, the point is to generate that step-by-step think through process for each channel, for each product or service and it really makes it simple, not easy but it simplifies the makes it into a process to further understand who your ideal customer is and where they are so you can get your value in front of them and that is all I wanted to say today.

John: So if I could summarize a little bit what I think I hear you saying is that, if you don’t know what your target looks like, you can’t find it and so the degree to which you can define your bulls eye if I can use that metaphor is the degree to which that you’ll have any success at and in fact hitting it so well it’s, it may seem like you know sort of an empty exercise or kind of theoretical in fact it does answer the question is you can’t hit at, you can’t hit what you can’t aim at and so the better you are at figuring out what you’re aiming at the clearer the chance that you’ll actually be able to discover or hit it or even recognize it when you see it.

Mark: Sure, it’s the old copywriting story of who would you rather sell to, a group of people you’re selling hamburgers, you want to sell it to just a group of people or do you want to sell and get in front of that starving crowd and that’s what we’re looking for, we’re looking at starving crowd to really launch things in a nice strong, consistent way, so we always have leads very week.

John: Awesome, well today we’ve been talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Rankings. You can find them at the phone number you see there 778-385-0098. Send him an email or check them out on the web at Thanks today Mark.

Mark: Thanks John

John: Cheers


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