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Doubling the Leads You Get from Your Website Is a Simple Task - but Creating Valuable Content Is Easier Than You Think!

The 2 steps to double your website leads are:

• Post content of value to your website regularly

• Promote that content with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Google+, etc.

Let's dig deeper. What do I mean by valuable content? Valuable to who is the first and most important question.

I see lots of content posted that is of value to the company posting it. Examples would be real estate listings sold, awards won, and product or service pitches. In themselves, these are not bad content, but if they are the only thing you post then your target market will ignore you quick as a wink.

Valuable content is content that is valuable to your target market. This is where we add in another concept - KLT. For anyone to choose to do business with your company they must walk the path of know, like and trust (KLT). Every client who has ever bought from you has first become aware of you, then grew to like you for some reason (and these reasons include prices, selection, speciality), and eventually trust you enough to do business.  

How do we make this path easy for your customers online?

​Our clients have found that posting content of value is the magic carpet path. OK what kind of content?

Solve their ​problems. Give them results in advance as much as is practical.

There are 3 categories of this content that we've proven work:

1. Answering the frequently asked questions you get. Simply post the answers to those questions in detail on your blog - one question/answer per blog post. 

2. Customer Service of the day / week ​- here you post the quick story of a customer's car, home, repair job, issue that was solved, etc and how you did it. 

3. Solve their problems - these are "how to" videos and posts, insider tips, case studies,​ and any other way of solving their problems in an information providing manner.

Below are links to examples of valuable content​:

​Cost Comparison - Free My TV - Click Here

FreeMyTV Compare

Customer of the week - Pawlik Automotive - Click Here​

Pawlik Diesel Customer

FAQ answers - Eva and Co Wigs - Click Here​

Evan and Co Wigs - FAQ answer

Solving Problems - Fairbairn Inspections - Click Here

Fairbairn Inspections Tips

Tips - Paul Toffoli Real Estate - Click Here​

Paul Toffoli Subject Removal Tips


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