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Double Your Website Leads This Year

The Most Important Actions To Take to Double Your Website Leads... This Year!

Is your website working? Does it consistently get you leads every week without fail?

If not, there is one basic action to take in order to get this business asset working for your business right away.

I'll get to that in a minute, but first I want to tell you two stories of online businesses that are taking this action and reaping the benefits of weekly leads and inquiries that generate business for them. 

First is Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver, BC. Bernie Pawlik is the owner of this award winning business; 14 time winners of "Best Auto Repair in Vancouver." Bernie runs a great business but when we started he had a similar situation that many small businesses suffer from - consistent lead flow!

Pawlik Automotive Site

One month they would be very busy​ and the next could be very slow. 

I convinced Bernie to take action and within a few months, his lead flow was much more consistent and his business has grown to the point where he is expanding into a 6 bay shop - doubling his size. This during a time where there are auto repair shops all over Vancouver going out of business!

Second is Free My TV in Coquitlam, BC​. Dave Gajdosik is the owner of this brand new business and he's experiencing rapid growth. Dave used to work for us in sales, so he had heard me pontificate over and over to businesses about the actions to take to get more leads from their website.

Free My TV Site

What Dave did was simple, straightforward and frankly brilliant execution. He is following the plan consistently and in under 6 months he has a strong business that is growing rapidly with orders from across Canada, the US and UK!

​OK. What's The Plan?

​Post content of value to your blog on a consistent basis. 

Yes there are some details but the one big idea, the takeaway that powers many smart small businesses both online and offline in 2015 and beyond is that simple. And that hard!

We've had hundreds of clients in the last 8 years since we started TLR - now Top Local Lead Generation. Sadly, I can count on one hand​ the ones who have implemented regular blog posts of value which is key! All those companies are all doing great.

What about the others? Some are doing OK, some are gone, some continue to struggle. 

The Details

1. Post content of value - what's valuable to your potential clients? There are 3 types of content that we recommend:

  • Frequently Asked Questions - not the darn list that you see on every website. i'm talking about the ones you get asked "all the time." The ones your staff all know the answer too without even paying conscious attention, the answers that you have to repeat all the time. 
  • Customer or Service of the Day - a simple story telling what the problem was, and how your service or your product solved it.
  • Solving their Problem - Customers search for answers on the internet. If you create written and video content that solves their problems, they will pay you to help them. So these might be how to videos, or simple tips.

2. Promote that content - Facebook advertising, start at $5 a day.

  • Facebook ads that promote your latest blog post - $5 per day.
  • For overachievers - check out YouTube ads, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads

 If you can manage once a week , then do that for at least 1 year.

If you want more, post more often! If you need more leads post 3 times or 5 times a week. Promote each post. 

Take action! Get started with your first blog post today and in a shorter time than you expect your lead flow will grow.