July 11


John: Good Morning, it’s John Nieuwenburg with W5 Business Coaching and today we’re talking with Mark Bossert of Top Local Lead Generation. Mark how are you today?

Mark: Good John, thanks.

John: Awesome, so today our question is: what’s the difference between demand generation and lead generation.

Mark: So this is a bit of a maybe a contrived kind of difference but it’s something that’s out there, so I thought maybe I’d address it and I for me, and for our business we see it in kind of two buckets that really are very related and similar but they’re both, um, they use different mechanisms to get to the same place so actually one of your, um publications talked about the difference between being a leopard and a spider and I think this is a really good analogy to use so and not necessarily the way you were using it but it applies to what I want to talk about. So a leopard when he gets hungry, he goes and eats or he hunts, kills something, drags it up on the, in the tree, you know, feasts on it and then waits until he gets hungry again, you know lions etc. all those kind of big cat predators would function the say way so they, it’s feast or famine, they only will hunt when they need to and that is somewhat similar to lead generation in my mind; demand generation is more like a spider. You build that network, you build that web and then you wait for something to come to you and grab it when it shows up. So that’s more of a long term strategy of creating something that is evergreen that continually brings you new customers, may take longer to build, may take longer to actually get fed and you might not control exactly when you’re getting fed but you’re not actually having to go out there and expend energy on getting those customer to come to you because you’ve already done that work over time. So you know sort of specific examples of that would be like what we’re doing right now, where we’re creating valuable content for people, putting it out there, making sure that it’s going to be seen in search and people are going to find it and hopefully be attracted to what we do and talk about and expertise shown, so that they want to contact us, reach out and do something to move towards creating more business for themselves. Where lead generation would be more of something along the lines of really knowing your target market, having an extremely good offer and putting that out there on say social media advertising like a Facebook Ad, Twitter Ad, using video and video advertising in order to grab people and say hey, similar to direct response advertising, call this number, this is the place to get us right now if you want to move forward and so one is really when you’re, when you need to drive those inquiries, those leads right away. Lead generation is the ticket when you have more of a, you’re maybe not wanting to push that hard, you’d rather have people come to you, demand generation is creating content that works long term and brings people to you. Of course you can do both and that’s what I would recommend strongly and that‘s what we do in practice every day, is doing both, demand generation and lead generation, that way you’re always getting fed.

John: Yeah, it’s not an either/or it’s an and; that’s the degree to which you want to do one or the other and it’s a high wire kind of a balancing act. Well that’s awesome, so do you want to hunt more like a leopard or hunt more like a spider. It’s kind of ironic Mark, that over your shoulder you’ve got a picture of what looks like a leopard there. I guess you’re in the leopard business although today you’re kind of promoting the idea of a spider, um in either case both work and the, the thing to think about is that it’s more of a blend of the two than an either or question and if you want some help, to help you figure out how to make that blend work for you and your business, let me recommend that you give Mark a call or reach out to him by email at mark@toplocalrankings.com. Thanks Mark.

Mark: Thanks John


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