June 3


Google Hangouts are a great way to create content that has many purposes. You can use them to create video content and you can use them with transcription to be a written post. Especially useful is how using an interview format keeps you on track and focuses your mind about what your article will be about.

At the end of this post,  I've embedded a Hangout video that shows you how an extensive blog post can be done in a quick efficient manner.

Google Hangout Primer

Here are Google’s tips on starting a Hangout: Click Here

Hootsuite published a quick primer on doing Hangouts on Air as well: Click Here


Now here’s the background on making this look (pretty) seamless.

Bernie and I have invested in good lighting, good sound - in my case using a Sennheiser headset, a 1080p Logitech camera, fast wired internet connections and we both have recent computers.

Bernie writes out a full script and sends the questions to me beforehand. I prepare the Hangout with the title prior to launching the broadcast.

After the Hangout is complete, my team edits the video and put Pawlik Automotive branding bumpers on both ends and we transcribe the video. The edited version is then reloaded to the Pawlik Automotive YouTube page and shared on Google+.

Running a Hangout as a content strategy is a lot more complicated. There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to go wrong! The advantage of doing it well is that you are doing way more than your competition will probably ever do.

The big advantage is that Hangouts rank better than almost any other content​. Putting content together in this way, that your customers want to see will increase your business leads.


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