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Speaking Your Blog Posts to Create Content Faster

Speaking your blog posts seems like a counter intuitive way to create content. It does take a little practice. I find that if I don't watch the writing taking place and I concentrate on the subject at hand I can generate a lot of content in short order.

Case in point. This blog post is being written by my speaking into my Mac mini.

Dictation software has become very very good. As I continue to use this software the accuracy gets better and better as it starts to recognize my own idioms and idiosyncrasies.


Here's where outlining what you're going to talk about becomes more important. It's easy when you're just speaking to go off on a tangent cannot makes for unclear communication. If you're following a outline or even a set of bullet points that you want to make, your content will make a lot more sense.

Up to this point in the article has taken me three minutes to create. When I'm just typing, it would be quite a bit longer to get this much done.

One of the things that I notice is that of course, it's much harder to edit while you're speaking. Having written a lot, editing while writing slows your writing down more than anything else. The best method in terms of creating great content and in terms of speed of creation is to write without editing in one session and go back later to edit in a separate session.

Dictating forces you to do exactly that so once your brain is in the flow of creation you will easily concentrate on the task of creating and then be able to go back and switch to the other side of your brain to do the editing. This is a much faster way to produce content.

Note: One thing that might happen is that your computer may go to sleep because it doesn't recognize any keypresses or mouse movements while you're speaking.

There is dictation software built into the major operating systems both on desktop and mobile devices and it's pretty darn good. There's also more professional grade dictation software like Dragon Naturally Speaking which I've used in the past. What comes with the Macintosh now is better than  Dragon was a few years ago.

So here's what I recommend. Give speaking your articles a try. You won't know until you test out if this is a great way for you to create content quickly. If like me you find that it works really well, you just might find you can create articles in 10 or 15 minutes that would normally take you an hour or more!

So search out the dictation software on your computer and take action!

For a pretty comprehensive list of voice recognition software, here's a Wikipedia article.


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