June 4


Hi, Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation

We’re continuing our series about how to double your website leads this year.

This video provides details about kinds of effective content we’ve proven drives leads for our small business clients.

But what content?

What's New .... Content

There’s Always Something New!

It might be new products or services

It might be new clients - Customer of the Week

Tell The Story

For most small businesses there is always something new! This is good content to create because it’s news and you can tell the story of why you have added it - what problem does it solve?

Customer of the Week Story

Tell the story of your customer and the job you did! 

A Customer of the Week story almost writes itself; Why did they come in, What was the problem, How did you fix it, How happy were they with the work.

Case Study

Pawlik Automotive customer “Repair of The Day”



Website traffic up 25% Year over year

Steady stream of leads daily

Business is expanding from 3 bays to 6 bays

https://toplocalrankings.com/content-whats-new for the links

Thank you for watching and we’ll see you soon.


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