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Client Testimonials

We work hard for our customers! Here's what a few have to say...

Nicole Burke

Emelle's Catering, Vancouver, BC


There are thousands of caterers out there and what’s fantastic about the team at Top Local is that they make sure that we’re seen first. Being in that prime spot on the first page of Google is integral to making sure that the phone keeps ringing and we know that we’re investing our marketing dollars wisely with the team at Top Local. They’re flexible, they tell us what we need to do and when we need to do it to make sure we’re getting great results. We have complete trust in the team at Top Local, they are an integral part of our web marketing strategy.

John Nieuwenburg

W5 Coaching, Vancouver, BC


My name is John Nieuwenburg and I’m a business coach with W5 Coaching. Business coaching is a very competitive environment, there’s lots and lots of professional business coaches and like a lot of us know, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. It’s pretty competitive, it’s hard to get to the top of the page when it comes to search and ranking. I approached Top Local Rankings and asked them to put together a plan and figure out a way to get from essentially not being able to be found to getting at or near the top. And over 3-6-12 months I steadily grew and rose in the rankings and I now can say that I am at the very top for business coaching. Getting to the top is great, but if it doesn’t lead to a business result it doesn’t mean much and so I can tell you that 2015 was my best year ever financially and that more than half of that was a result of internet searches, people that I’ve never met, never knew who made a phone call, sent me an email and said we should talk.

Bernie Pawlik​​​​

Pawlik Automotive, Vancouver, BC


So I’d been looking to grow my business so I hired Top Local Rankings to do my lead generation and the website and the results have just been incredible. I get new customers every week, probably 6-12 new clients, the phone rings a lot. It’s all from my website and through the work they’ve done. The results have been consistently good for years. So I would not hesitate to recommend Top Local Rankings for any business that wants to grow.

Jenna Fortin

Malene Grotrian Design, Vancouver, BC


Just wanted to share with you that two ladies searched Vancouver Fashion Designer and found our website online. They then dropped by and luckily our intern was there to help them, they came back later in the day and spent some time with Malene and ended up purchasing 2 pretty elaborate outfits including some custom design for an upcoming family wedding - it was a great sale!

Wanted to share the good news and great success that came from a Google search 🙂 THANKS!"

Malene Grotrian

Malene Grotrian Design, Vancouver, BC


Whatever you are doing on the back end... keep doing it, the phone is ringing from people finding us online and wanting to come and shop, I just had my 4th call directly coming from finding us online!!!! Wehoo!!