Buyers Use Online Search! Top Local Rankings

Buyers Use Online Search!

Does Online Search Marketing Work?

I hear this question occasionally… being so deep in data and the results of good campaigns vs. “others” I am well past ever questioning it.

Yes – It Works and is getting better and harder at the same time. Competition does that! The increase in mobile device use is also a major factor that many businesses are increasing ill prepared for.

GroupM just published some research on search detail and value.

Buyers are more likely to click on your search result!


To quote: “The Web is influencing more than $1 trillion of in-store sales, and search is the number one online channel for driving that revenue,” said Chris Copeland, CEO, GroupM Search. “This new understanding of the retail shopper represents a behavioral shift. The intent shown in search provides brands an opportunity to maximize their online revenues and encourage and cultivate greater in-store sales.”

Eighty-Six Percent of In-Store, Retail Buyers Search on Generic versus Branded Keywords… these findings are consistent with the results of research we have conducted in multiple industries around the important role search plays in a consumer – path-to-purchase.

My favorite: 10 percent of shoppers report using tablets during the retail shopping process. 10% already from tablets. This is a brand spanking new baby still!

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