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Do you have a clear, consistent content strategy that brings leads and grows revenue? 

Get SEO, content creation and distribution that work.

Want results?

Great Strategy.
Better Results.

Our customers average a 40% increase in revenue within 1 year of working with us.


Video content produces much more than ranking.


Your potential customers get to know, like and trust you, which brings better clients and more sales.


Lower cost per acquisition

+ More organic traffic


More inbound leads

+ Decrease in bounce rate

Fast, Effective Content

Video content creation that is quick, affordable, effective. Who knew?

Add transcription, distribution, SEO and social and this is THE formula to grow your business, year after year. 

Conversion Optimization

Want more from your website traffic? 

AI powered conversion optimization quickly learns and improves what content, what calls to action, what pages bring you the most leads. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO - "It's alive!"

SEO has always been effective and is in more demand than ever.

Experience + research counts... we've been ranking sites since 1998.

Google My Business Optimization

GMB can produce dozens to hundreds of calls and bookings per month.

Is your GMB setup tight?

Are you filling it with content? We help you get it working for you, 24/7.

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Enjoy consistent revenue growth ... the slower more predictable way!

Most folks don't have the patience, the long term view and the courage to be different. To stand out from the pack.

To do what the rest just won't ever do.

Yet this is what makes great companies.

How we'll help you create video content is simple, but it takes consistency and stick-to-it-ive-ness. 

Not hard but not easy. If it was everyone would do it!

What about you? Is avoiding being uncomfortable limiting how successful your business is?

"What's the one thing leaders need in the next 5 years?"


"Every single participant, without question, people didn't even hesitate, they just said ...


 Brene Brown - Dare to Lead 

#1 NY Times Bestseller book



Discover how we make a difference with your company

You'll learn how and ongoing guidance on how to create compelling content that brings the best customers to your business.

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Check what our clients say about us

I noticed results ... it was very different than before. Very tangible. ... It's been about four or five years ... it's consistent. ... I think it's also the way that [they] work. It sounds like [they're] always on top of the new things that are happening ... [Mark] gives me the homework to do and I think that's an important part of it. ... To have direction and guidance.

Wil Seto

Insync physiotherapy, owner, physiotherapist

Top Local is excellent. I have a lot of problems that just appear out of nowhere and Mark and his team [are] always on top of it. Problem solved and they explained what the problem was and how it could have occurred, what we did or what we should do next time if we ever make, we create the problems. Top Local solves them. Let's put it straight. It's super easy to work with Top Local. They're professionals. 

Mark Huggan

Phantom couriers,

I often meet business owners who seem to do things their own way and it just seems like an awful lot of work. I'm just grateful to have Mark doing the work for me — we always keep coming up on the first page of Google for a variety of topics and specialties of cars that we set out to attract to our business. ... Mark just seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to getting everything figured out.

Bernie Pawlik

Pawlik automotive,

Case Studies

Auto Repair Grows Revenue By 300%

Pawlik Automotive

21+ time winners of "Best Auto Repair in Vancouver" Pawlik Auto Repair has tripled in revenue, doubled in size and become world famous for quality auto repair.

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